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Ballerup Museum is a part of the charming village community in Pederstrup.

The village consists of several farms and cottages. The museum consists
of Pederstrupgaard, Lindbjerggaard, Lynsmedenshus (the house of the lightning smith) and Skomagerhuset (the Shoemakers house).

On Pederstrupgaard you will find two permanent exhibitions. The first one shows the history and development of the city of Ballerup. In the exhibition you can among other things experience a classroom from the year 1900 and a section with oldstyle toys.

The exhibition “Destined for Ballerup” tells the story about Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, who escaped the Russian Revolution in 1917 and settled down in Ballerup. It also tells the stories of Russian immigrants in Copenhagen during the inter-war period, and the individuals, who through the ages have moved to Ballerup from other countries or other parts of Denmark.

Olga was the daughter of the Tsar Alexander III and the empress Dagmar. She lived in Ballerup with her family from the year 1930-48.

In the farmhouse of Lindbjerggaard you can experience the living quarters of a farmer as they looked like in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. In front of Lindbjerggaard you will find the well-preserved farmer’s garden from about the year 1900.
An old grocer’s shop and forge is established in Lynsmedens Hus where the smiths often light the fire in the forge. Skomagerhuset houses alternating exhibitions and activities.

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday    10.00 - 15.00
Sunday                 11.00 - 15.00
Monday and Saturday closed

January-february open Sunday 11.00-15.00 (Monday-Saturday closed)


Free admission.

Eat and drink

Café and organic shop at Grantoftegaard
tel: +45 44773696
Pederstrupvej 69
2750 Ballerup 

Konditorgaarden Café
tel: +45 23 928818
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